#RainbowVotes - 2016 Federal Election

The Rainbow Votes coalition appreciates the comprehensive responses by the Australian Greens, Australian Labor Party and Liberal National Coalition to our 2016 LGBTI election survey.

Members of the Rainbow Votes coalition of LGBTI rights and health organisations have assessed the content of the responses to provide a guide of Full Commitment, Partial Commitment and No Commitment/No Response. This is available for seperate download below.

In addition to the responses from the three major parties, you can download the statements and responses made by the Australian Equality Party (AEP), Australian Sex Party (ASP) and Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) below.

The 2016 Federal Election to be held on Saturday 2 July is one of the most important in recent memory for the LGBTI community. A Turnbull-led Liberal National Party win will mean our community will face a plebiscite in the next term of Parliament, possibly as soon as this year. A Shorten-led Labor Party win has pledged to introduce a bill for marriage equality within 100 days. In recent months we’ve seen young same-sex attracted and gender diverse kids used as political pawns through orchestrated attacks on programs designed to keep them safe. Attacks that, along with scare campaigns about LGBTI families, are the emerging foundation of a plebiscite “no” campaign.

Yet through all of this, there are a range of other issues that don’t get the attention they deserve. Issues that over the next term of Parliament will affect our community for many years to come. While these issues have received little or no attention throughout the campaign, we hope the provision of clear policy statements from the parties will help individual members of the LGBTI community and our allies in determining who to give their vote to this election.

For more information about this survey you can contact: Corey Irlam, Rainbow Votes Coordinator | 0401 738 996 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We asked 45 questions across 11 topics of the major parties and number of key independent or micro parties. We will publish the results of the party below.

Download a copy of our election questionnaire here



#RainbowVotes welcomes responses from all parties standing at the 2016 Federal Election. Simply download this word document version of our questionnaire and send back your responses authorised by your party.

Please note we will only publish results from a party, not an individual candidate, accordingly the responses must be authorised by a party or campaign official.

Download a word version of the #Rainbow votes Election Questionnaire here


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