Australian Labor Party


Specific Policies for LGBTQI+ Community
Whole of Government LGBTQI+ Social Inclusion Strategy
Workplace Protections for LGBTQI+ Individuals
Tackling Religious Conversion Therapy
Increase Funding for International LGBTQI+ Human Rights Initiatives
Developing a LGBTQI+ health strategy
End unnecessary surgery for individuals with intersex variations
Provide access to gender affirmation treatments for trans and gender diverse individuals
Support LGBTQI+ intersectional communities and organisations
Funding and Support for World Pride Sydney 2023 Bid and Event
Removal of all LGBTQI+ refugees from offshore detention
Government support program reforms for LGBTQI+ inclusivity
Family Violence program support for Rainbow Families and LGBTQI+ young people
Reform Family Law Act to better represent and protect diverse and rainbow families
Support LGBTQI+ School Education Programs
Support LGBTQI+ Health & Aged Care Programs
Reform to Recognition of Sex and Gender Guidelines across government
Data collection and Census Information on LGBTQI+ communities

Additional Scorecard Explanations

Discrimination protections for LGBTIQ+ individuals
The Australian Labor Party were marked ‘Partial Commitment’ as there was no mention of reforming the sports exemption in the Sex Discrimination Act, which impacts trans, gender diverse and intersex sportspeople.

Removal of LBGITQ+ Refugees from Offshore Detention
The Australian Labor Party was marked ‘Partial Commitment’ as they support offshore processing in countries where it is a crime to engage in inter-male sex.