The Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (The Lobby) has released their 2019 Rainbow Votes Election Scorecard, rating the three major political parties on issues affecting LGBTIQ+ voters ahead of the Federal Election on Saturday 18 May.

An 18 question survey was developed by Equality Australia in conjunction with multiple LGBTIQ+ groups. The Liberal National Coalition, Australian Labor Party and Australian Greens participated in the survey. The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby reviewed the results of the survey and generated a scorecard highlighting issues needing to be addressed by the next government. The results of the survey allows the community to make an informed decision at the ballot box on issues such as ending medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex Australians, reforming the Family Law Act to be more inclusive of rainbow families and addressing LGBTIQ+ family violence.

As in previous years, members of The Lobby have assessed the content of the survey responses to create a guide that details which party has provided a Full Commitment, Partial Commitment and No Commitment/No Response on various issues of importance to the LGBTIQ+ community.

“The 2019 Rainbow Votes Scorecard has highlighted where the parties stand on the issues that affect the LGBTIQ+ community,” said Lobby Co-Convenor Dale Park.

“There has been good engagement with the survey and promising commitments, but there is room for all parties to improve on their pledges to the LGBTIQ+ community. With pre-polling beginning on Monday, there is no point holding back announcements or being unclear in what they will offer to our community,” he said.

Anna Brown, CEO of Equality Australia, the LGBTIQ+ advocacy organisation that coordinated the LGBTIQ+ federal election survey, on which the scorecard was based, said: “Overall we were pleased to see all parties offer positive commitments to improve the lives of LGBTIQ+ people, but there are some clear areas of difference, such as protection from discrimination, Government representation, conversion therapy and asylum seeker policy.”

“Only Labor and the Greens have committed to the crucial structural reform needed to ensure the voices and needs of LGBTIQ+ people are included in Government policy making. Despite welcome investment in LGBTIQ+ health, the Morrison Government has no plans to tackle discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people other than conducting an inquiry into religious exemptions in education, after failing to deliver on its promise to remove discrimination against students in religious schools,’’ said Ms Brown.

Intersex Human Rights Australia are the peak group for people with an Intersex variation and they have provided a specific response to the questions in the survey that related to Intersex Australians. Their response can be found here.

The Lobby has created with a video highlighting the key LGBTIQ+ issues, the full party responses to the survey, The Lobby Scorecard and Intersex Human Rights Australia comments on the party’s responses.

For further comment contact

Dale Park, VGLRL Co-Convenor 0417 484438
Aram Hosie, Equality Australia Director of Engagement 0403 317 618
Morgan Carpenter, Intersex Human Rights Australia Co-CEO 0405 615 942