The Greens


Specific Policies for LGBTQI+ Community
Whole of Government LGBTQI+ Social Inclusion Strategy
Workplace Protections for LGBTQI+ Individuals
Tackling Religious Conversion Therapy
Increase Funding for International LGBTQI+ Human Rights Initiatives
Developing a LGBTQI+ health strategy
End unnecessary surgery for individuals with intersex variations
Provide access to gender affirmation treatments for trans and gender diverse individuals
Support LGBTQI+ intersectional communities and organisations
Funding and Support for World Pride Sydney 2023 Bid and Event
Removal of all LGBTQI+ refugees from offshore detention
Government support program reforms for LGBTQI+ inclusivity
Family Violence program support for Rainbow Families and LGBTQI+ young people
Reform Family Law Act to better represent and protect diverse and rainbow families
Support LGBTQI+ School Education Programs
Support LGBTQI+ Health & Aged Care Programs
Reform to Recognition of Sex and Gender Guidelines across government
Data collection and Census Information on LGBTQI+ communities