Rainbow Local Government

LGBTIQA+ Priorities for the 2020 Victorian Local Council Elections

Winner of the 2020 GLOBE award for Outstanding Advocacy

Supporting and promoting the efforts of local governments to foster a culture that is inclusive, responsive and accessible to LGBTIQA+ Victorians.

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Who are we?

Rainbow Local Government is a campaign coordinated by the Victorian Pride Lobby. The Lobby is a community based advocacy group that works towards equality, social justice and advancing human rights for lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual and same-sex attracted Victorians. We work constructively, cooperatively and respectfully with transgender, intersex, asexual and other organisations that support our organisation’s mission and vision.

What do we want?

Rainbow tick accreditation

In recent years, a growing number of organisations including local councils have been interested to ensure the development of LGBTIQA+-inclusive health and community services.

In response, Rainbow Health Victoria – an independent LGBTIQA+ health and wellbeing unit at La Trobe University – developed the Rainbow Tick accreditation program.

We are asking that candidates campaign for and support Rainbow Tick accreditation for council-run services.

LGBTIQA+ advisory committee

There is a need for councils to engage with and provide support to their local LGBTIQA+ communities. Some councils have established an LGBTIQA+ advisory committee to bring LGBTIQA+ issues to the council’s attention.

We are asking that candidates campaign for and support the establishment or continuation of an LGBTIQA+ advisory committee to council.

LGBTIQA+ action plan

There is also a need for councils to respond effectively to LGBTIQA+ issues. Building on the work of LGBTIQA+ advisory committees, some councils have adopted LGBTIQA+ action plans to address equity and access across the council.

We are asking that candidates campaign for and support the development and implementation of a LGBTIQA+ action plan for council.

Flying the rainbow flag

There are a number of LGBTIQA+ awareness days throughout the year, including the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia and Wear It Purple Day. Awareness days are days to celebrate the LGBTIQA+ community and highlight the need for workplaces and services to be safe spaces for LGBTIQA+ people all year round.

We are asking that candidates campaign for and support flying the rainbow flag from council buildings on LGBTIQA+ awareness days.


Midsumma is a federation of LGBTIQA+ arts and cultural events spread over venues throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria, including the Carnival and Pride March. Councils can hold a stall at the Carnival or take part in the Pride March.

We are asking that candidates campaign for and support marching in Pride March or participating in Midsumma or local pride events.

Who’s taken the pledge?

Are you a candidate for the upcoming local council elections?

Are you a first-time LGBTIQA+ candidate?

Mentoring opportunities with experienced candidates are available. Email rainbowlocalgov@gmail.com for more info.